Tuesday, Nov 1 @ 7pm
St Paul’s Upstairs Theater, 334 S. 5th St, Brooklyn, NY
(shows are at 7pm and 9pm and include multiple short plays)

Cat Wedding Proposal
See the full Cat Wedding 
Fri, Nov 4 at 7PM

Charlie Thunderpaws has an important question and he’s asking it tonight. Nothing in the world can stop or distract him except for yarn, rolling balls, and a giant pole with feathers.  

Anoush Froundjian
Amanda Santo
Evan Boshi
Meena Sajwani
Benjamin Jones



“The summer I turned fifteen, a supernova of body fluids,” Bobby warns listeners as he launches into a turbulent and tender coming-of-age monologue that could be the bastard offspring of Cormac McCarthy and Judy Blume.

by Robert Firpo-Cappiello

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This is an insult
(The 9/11 Pepsi Can)

This one time Pepsi was accused of promoting terrorism and this show is about that time.
by kevin Ritter
Red m and m

Incredible! Amazing!
You Have to See It to Believe It!
by Hope Weiner