RSVP in advance or tickets will also be available at the door, day of the event.


SUNDAY, FEB 25, 2018

Countdown Theater – 141 S. 5th St, Office West, #2, (b/t Driggs & Bedford)

11am – 12:45pm

Two robots – Primus and Decimus have to go through a labyrinth that is full of extraordinary objects. To find the right way or sometimes just to satisfy their curiosity, they examine and recover the stories of the objects.

“Zoetrope is an ambitious project that favors impressive visuals and silent storytelling. …expert character designs, engaging and mysterious stories within a larger plot.” – Bad Film Fest

(Animated, runtime: 1:40)


1pm – 2:45pm
The New Hope

A modern retelling of Don Quixote, The New Hope tells the story of Dennis, who believes he is Obi Wan Kenobi and who sets out to find Ewan McGregor in order to prove it by defeating him in a duel.

“The fun of this film is watching friends crack-up while making it, as well as the occasional unsuspecting passer-by get sucked into this ridiculous journey.” – Bad Film Fest

(runtime: 1:35)

3pm – 4:45pm
La Mano
(Michigan, USA)

With their parents gone for the weekend, Javier and Gunner Garcia decide to throw a party in their absence.  The party takes a turn for the worse when the hand of the Devil pays a visit.  The Garcia brothers encounter ninjas, hotdogs, evil doctors, and manimals as they continue on their quest for answers.

“Very low budget… Looks like it was a blast to shoot.
Not for everyone but connoisseurs of B-movie, ridiculous DIY gore and over-the-top ‘fake’ action silliness will enjoy. NOTE: I thought this was some sort of weird, high school project for Spanish class. I was wrong.” – Bad Film Fest

(Spanish w/ English subtitles, runtime: 1:35)


“It’s A Wondrous Life”

Off his pills and on the run from Marie Guvment, Ronald Slayback shows up at the apartment of childhood friend, Trevor Jones, seeking shelter.

Joseph Aniska and Larry Traiger are first time film makers and “It’s A Wondrous Life” marks Perfectly Reasonable Productions’ debut film.

“Bizarre and offensive and nonsensical. Our kind of film! I laughed out loud quite a few times.” – Bad Film Fest

(runtime: 2:00)