Short films from The United Arab of Emirates, India, South Korea, Japan, Germany and around the USA.

Screenings are at:
Cloud City
85 North 1st Street
Brooklyn, New York 11249

Nyan Cat vs Banksy

Experimental and animated.

Unrest in Iran

A stream-punk collage film examining the state of Iran and U.S. involvement in Iranian history.

[13.1-9+19+13] Vol.00

Not all sounds can be always words, words are made from only sounds. *THERE ARE NOT ANY WORDS/LANGUAGES IN THIS FILM.

Short Long Story

An animated, surreal, autobiography using a life-size, stop-motion puppet.


This short documentary film is about Abdulkareem. A 22 year old student who has gradually lost his sight. The film follows his journey of feelings and senses and tries to show what Abdulkareem saw along the way of losing his vision.


A New Yorker comes face-to-face with an unwanted guest forcing him to choose…YOU or ME

The Nervous Breakdown Hot Dog Monster!

Tagline: “Alien Experiments turn an Educated Black Man into a Coney Island Hot Dog!”

Black Forehead Fatface

“Mind Power Black Forehead! Shut Up to the Fatfaces!” A MCR/ELECTRIC OTTO Film.


It is the year 2021, 3 days since the beginning of the mysterious animal apocalypse. The last human just died. The animals are running shit now.


A heartwarming tale of a girl trapped between time. Haunted by the nightmares of the past she struggles her way to the “Present”.

Sweet Potato

How sweet potato affected the friendship of idol trainees.

War of the Trumps

What does the infamous 2005 Access Hollywood Trump Tape have in common with an 80 year old radio broadcast? More than you would think.

Chip MacDougal: Neighborhood Watch

Chip McDougal is the leader and sole member of the Neighborhood Watch. He’s here to keep the neighborhood safe, happy and secure.. Even if no one wants him to.


Nina, a young woman unable to cope with the societal pressures surrounding sex, joins a test group for a new vibrator that’s rumored to be 100% effective. But as Nina gets in the way of that perfect record, her vibrator fights back.

Wish Weasel (Short)

In this campy 90s sci-fi fantasy, a magical weasel crash lands in Queens, befriends a girl who’s down on her luck, and grants her a wish for a new apartment. Wish Weasel has been nominated for the Test Card Pilot Award at the Edinburgh TV Festival New Voice Awards. It is the only American pilot nominated. At this moment, it has not screened publicly.

Gale Force Granny

The daily struggle against adversity

Ancestry DNA Spoof

A young woman takes an Ancestry DNA test and finds out she isn’t Italian, but in fact, 100% … <SPOILER ALERT>

(schedule subject to change)