Saturday, Nov 5 @ 7pm
St Paul’s Upstairs Theater, 334 S. 5th St, Brooklyn, NY
(shows are at 7pm and 9pm and include multiple short plays)

The Youthful Adventures of Damon Dukirk

A two-part monologue detailing the hopeless misadventures of a once successful, but now, forlorn thirty-three year old poet unsure about what to do next. It’s a work about idealism and a lack of practicality, of losing it at bad nightclubs and mowing other people’s lawns in the middle of the night. Finally, an obscure German town saves him.

by Kieran Carroll with Zach Wegner
ON APRIL 20, 2016, KELLY

When Kelly, a daytime talk show host, disappears from her show, the people around her attempt to bring her back to the land of the “Live!”-ing.

by Alex Tobey, Grant Schaefer, Amy Gijsbers van Wijk
Bono’s AQUAMAN: The Musical

Five years after Spiderman failed on Broadway (leaving a string of shattered limbs and monumental debt) Bono is back at Broadway Headquarters to pitch an all-new musical re-imagining of another famous superhero: Aquaman.

Arc Welding

Arc Welding can be a dangerous and unhealthy practice without the proper precautions; however, with the use of new technology and proper protection the risks of injury or death associated with welding can be greatly reduced.

with Constance Cooper, Beth Griffith, Lauren Lee Lee