Saturday, Nov 5 @ 9pm
St Paul’s Upstairs Theater, 334 S. 5th St, Brooklyn, NY
(shows are at 7pm and 9pm and include multiple short plays)

The Late Afternoon Show: Live from The Garage

Live from our Garage it’s Waterville’s first ever talk show! And you’re invited to be the LIVE audience. We’ve got a band! We’ve got a guest! It’s all happening.

by Leanne Velednitsky, Mary Clare Plaschke

with Ryan Beggs, Russell Katz, Ibhan Kulkarni, Ben Marshall, Mary Clare Plaschke, Sophie Sagan-Gutherz, Leanne Velednitsky, Mina Walker, Rebecca Weiser

Dogma Style

At a Catholic high school, seven students go on a retreat. They’re supposed to learn all about waiting ’til marriage, but their distinct opinions on sexuality rule the conversation and lead to a whole ‘nother kind of lesson. It’s a pun-filled panorama about questioning authority and staying true to yourself.
by Katherine Lichtenfels; Molly Carneywith Nicole Chiuchiolo; Tim Mountain; Max Beyer; Keighly Baron; Mary Kate O’Toole; Jack Whyte; Emma Nanamaker; Callan McCarthy; Luke Berman
Nude TED talk by
Michael Newman:
The Presidential Election

Back by popular demand. Second year in a row!!!!