Sunday, June 26th @ 6pm

@ Lucky Jack’s – 129 Orchard St (b/t Rivington and Delancey) L.E.S., NYC

Director’s Cut
An indie filmmaking crew shoots the first snuff movie with a plot.
Nathalie f**** you all
Nathalie is a pretty babysitter. She wants to fall in love but only schmucks hit on her. She falls for Moïse, a bookmaker for under 18s. Selma, her enemy, kidnaps the child she takes care of: that’s the beginning of an adventure that will make her a woman.
The Valley Below
What is disguised in the haze will only be revealed from up close.
On top of a mountain a soldier protects his town from threat lurking beneath the fog. One day a mishap forces him to confront his fears. In the process he realizes that not everything unknown hides great danger.
The Assist
Friends being buddies.
A guy does his pal a solid.
#cysts #pus
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A Nighthunter’s Tale
Alice is being assaulted while waiting for her boyfriend at night. Alice’s brother holds the boyfriend responsible for this event.