Tuesday, Nov 1 @ 9pm
St Paul’s Upstairs Theater, 334 S. 5th St, Brooklyn, NY
(shows are at 7pm and 9pm and include multiple short plays)

The Inconsequential Cupcake!

THE INCONSEQUENTIAL CUPCAKE! is about a violent family dinner…and hey, is that a cupcake on the counter? How cute! How quaint and unimportant!
This show is from Tennessee! 

by Carolyn Corley, Carly Frankel, J. Lawrence Kenny, Lucy Locke, Steven Trigg, Harrison Young

with Carolyn Corley, Carly Frankel, J. Lawrence Kenny, Steven Trigg, Harrison Young

Yes, this is a sweater: Scenes from Duolingo
Experience the uncanny valley of communication in this show created using only sentences from Duolingo lessons.

by Courtney Price
with Amanda Melhuish, Cat Murray, David Murray, and Chelsea Rose
The Picnic

A couple is celebrating their wedding anniversary at at park. Everything else will be made up. 

with Lisa Cheong, Jeremy Plyburn