Thursday, April 28th @ 7pm

Tickets available now and at the door.
Cloud City – 85 North 1st St. Williamsburg, BK

Modern Man (An Animated Tribute to George Carlin)
An animated tribute to one of the world’s all time great comedian philosophers.

Time Portal Glory Hole

A hipster is transported to Windsor Castle in the year 1840, where he disrupts Queen Victoria’s dinner party. FYI… There is a cartoon penis in this one.
Wedding on Mussel Island
My son was 16 when he met the girl he wanted to marry. I urged him to wait. The long halls of my experience taught me that love is fleeting and fickle. Ten years later they married.Canada
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I’m Glad I Asked
A short animated documentary about family history and identity, complete with arts & crafts.
Drunk Brittany and Mr Rat
A modern day epic about the issues that plague our world, told through the intoxication of a young woman named Brittany, and her only friend – Mr Rat.



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A Piece of the Pie
While hiding behind enemy lines, three soldiers share what they are most excited to do once the war is over.Canada
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Aaron is optimistic when he turns to online dating to find his perfect match after a bad break up.
Senile Seahorn
A young man with a powerful mind living in a simple reality.
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Tagline: “Can’t you read the Title!? Enough Said!”Detroit, USA
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Tick Tock
A woman stands in front of camera in underwear filled with chicken eggs. Guess what happens next?
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Horse Race of the Palio
Portrait of a mud man just before a horse race… but is this man an adult human being or a toy who wants to race with other toys?
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One Too Many

When a drunken night out gets the better of him, Joe’s inner self steps in to set him on the road to recovery.
Sinead Stoddart (dir.)
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“Have you been under surveillance constantly? DON’T TRUST YOUR SMARTPHONES.


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Fluff or feathers
To be or not no be? Fuzz or feathers? The answer is on a roof in Moscow.Russia
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Set during the Russian civil wars in 1905 and 1922, a mother undergoes the psychological impact of war losing herself in trauma, patriotism and protest.