2016 Bad Film Fest Award Winners

2016 (bonus screening) Bad Film Fest Award Winners

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Films screened at Lucky Jack’s on the Lower East Side – June 26, 2016.
Here are your award winners:

BORING. A DAY IN THE LIFE “The Audience Motivator / Inspire to Create” Award
YO SOY PEDRO Best Slapstick Sci-Fi
Run Through The Forest Run The “This Could Really Happen” Award
Intoxication Most Surreal PSA
Rapstar Best Rap-Themed Mockumentary set in NYC
Synchronicities Most Mind-Opening Documentary
The Werewolf’s Greatest Hit Most Chilling, Super-Short Horror/Comedy
Yuri on the Phone The Mind-Bending Award
A Dry Day Tragedy Most Relieving Happy Ending
Anatema The “Wow. Don’t Look Away” Award
Director’s Cut The Hyper-Filmmakers Award
Nathalie f**** you all The “Better than Amelie” Award
The Valley Below Nobel Peace Prize
The Assist “Easiest Practical Effects” Award
A Nighthunter’s Tale The Chiller Award

Thanks again to all of the screening Filmmakers this year. Keep shooting. Keep making. Keep being“BAD”!




2016 Bad Film Fest Award Winners

2016 Bad Film Fest Award Winners

Look for an bonus NYC screening on Sunday, June 26th.

As for the films which screened at Cloud City in Williamsburg, Brooklyn… here are your award winners:

Modern Man (An Animated Tribute to George Carlin) Best Tribute
Time Portal Glory Hole The Cannes-Worthy Animation Award
Wedding on Mussel Island The Poignant Award
I’m Glad I Asked The Legacy Award
Drunk Brittany and Mr Rat Best use of Booze
A Piece of the Pie The “It Takes All Kinds” Award
“Bittersweet” The Courtship Award
Senile Seahorn The What’s Reality?!? Award
STFU! The “No Explanation Needed” Award
Tick Tock The “Future Mom?” Award
Horse Race of the Palio The “Still Processing This” Award
One Too Many Best Use of Yarn
trend The Big Brother Award
Fluff or feathers Best Hot Dog Costume
Mamochka Best Chilling Animation
Misenus – Trumpeter of the Trojans, Episode 1 Most Surreal Adaptation
Mistress May I? The May I Have Another? Award
Isis The Free Spirit Award
N Is for Nightmare The “Welcome to Florida” Award
Reversed The Vision Award
Charades Best “Things Get Weird” Short Film
Bon Bon: The Demonic Cat The “Cats are the Best” Award and Best Original Song
Taking Care Of Bidness Best Catch Phrase in a Film
I see the Future The Infinity Award
The Chastening The Tiny Horror Award
Fruitcake The “Makes You Think” Award
Boy Bear and robot The “Time is a Flat Circle” Award
The Wet Nurse & Her Diabolical Concerns Best On-Screen Kiss
Time Benders Best Sci-Fi Short to Watch with a Grandparent and/or Grandchild
Upper West Side Story The “More Wine” Award or Excellence in Existential Comedy
Catcalling: A Love Story The “Holla Back Girl” Award
Pre-Intervention Best Improvised Film
Adventures In Amateur Bathtub Surgery Best Use of Power Tools
MANICORN Deserves Multiple Viewings Award
Snatched Away Best Feel Good? Ending
The Pancake Killer The Traumitized Child Award
ArachNO! Best Use of Robotics
Black Widow Excellence in Freaking Out the Audience
IT’S ME MOM The Afterlife Award
Board The Borough Award
Obbie The “Can’t Catch a Break” Award
THE OTHER BROTHER Best Film with Blood and a Stuffed Penguin
Doghead in Grizzly Dog Best Hot Dog
You Make a Grown Ghost Cry The “Death CAN be Funny” Award
Vampire-Killing Prostitute The “There Will Be Blood”Award
Burning Bridges – The Accidental Pornstar Best Dissappearance
Hitler’s Brain and the Robot from Hell Best B-Movie Spoof
KAIJUTSU Best Mecha Spoof
The Town Branch Flasher Best Short Film set in Kentucky
Move The “Actions Have Consequences” Award
Peter Picks a Peach The “Greatest Film Ever” Award
Imaginary fiend The “Redefining Spectrum” Award
The Far East Greatest Montage
The Amateur Artist Best Appearance of a Deity
Insurance The Vaudeville Award
The Pretty Greens // Elevator Eyes The “Ladies to the Front” Award
Aqua Fin The Metamorphisis Award
ANYONE SEEN KITTY? The “Wrong” Award
Nowhere Man The Sprocket Award
THE FIXED SHOWER HEAD Best Shower Scene is a Short Film
The Closet Overall Excellence in Scripting, Shooting, Lighting, Editing and Performance
The Bag-22 minute version The “We’re All Doomed” Award
Rocco’s Reviews Episode 1 The Perseverance Award.
Interviews with the Wolfpack Excellence in Oral History Storytelling
The Hoosac The “No Trespassing” Award
I SCREAM Best un-Hollywood Short Film
Fellow Shadows The High Octane Award
Last Date The “There’s Always Someone Better” Award
Nosferratin The “No Budget” Award
Polterguys The “Ghosts are People Too” Award
Cold Purse The “Blackmarket Organ” Award
Dear John Thanks John The “Drink the Kool-Aid” Award
Z.E.T.A. Force – Special Edition The “Nice Guys Do Come in Last” Award
Workout pandas The “Inspiration” Award
Р Awesome Alliteration Award
Masterpiece The Retro Award
Run Darlin Run The Collaboration Award
Think Twice The “Relationships are Hard” Award
“Slartibartfast” Yearnst/Marinah Janello The Unique Vision Award
Dickproof 2 The Golden Pants Bulge Award
Le Pain de l’Amour The Carbo-load Award
Neurosisnine’s Pinocchio The Gore Award
The Panty Symphonic Excellence in Outdated Format – VHS
What!? Best Newcomer
Here Lies in the afterlife The Time is Fleeting Award
[13.1-9+19+13] Vol.01 The Strobe Light Award
Wasted Night Best Mess
Steam The Hot Satire Award
Dancing Queen The Movement Award
Spammer Best Twist with a Parable for the Technologically Savvy
The Jamaican Upright Vacuum Dealer The “Breaking Stereotypes” Award
The Right to Remain Silent The “Tough Conversations” Award
Wild Oates The “Brain Worm” Award
Bungalow Expose Excellence in Art Decco History
The Turkey Best Duo (child actor and turkey costume)
Beetles in Boxes The “Albert Camus” Award
“Moving Pictures” The “4th Wall” Award
I Could Eat A Horse The “Tom and Jerry” Award
Sleepwalkers The “Fall in Line” Award

Thanks again to all of the screening Filmmakers this year. Keep shooting. Keep making. Keep being“BAD”!


35 mm photo by automatic timer




Bad Film Fest 2015 Award Winners


Gut Reaction by Alexis Sottile


Thursday 7pm
SWEDE Country for Old Men Best Remake Dylan Cuesta Laurel, MD
Operation 11.9 E Best Sound Design Jacob Jones NYC
Simplicity The Vision Award Tomer Werechson Israel
OCULE The Makes You Think Award Kristin Ruff-Frederickson Vancouver, BC
One Drink The Drunk Uncle Award Jacob Greenawalt
An Unexpected Visitor The “It Could Happen to You” Award Sam Vargen
I’AM BIGFOOT Most Inspirational Jeffrey Schreckler Phoenix
The Divorced Boyz – Count Me Out Best Reason for a Pre-nup Award Gavin Hecker NYC
KiaRex The Adventure Award Yandong Qiu NYC
Abort The Call Child Services Award Zach Shildwachter Ohio
Confession of Samurai Zen and the Art of Filmmaking Excellence Award Jaehyun Kim South Korea


Thursday 9pm
Relación Abierta (Open Relationship) The Keep Your Options Open Award Carlos Ocho Barcelona, Spain
Choosing Sides The “What Would Jesus Do” Award Tim Cox NYC
Christmas Toy Story Best Stop Motion Sex Scene Stepan Etrych Czech Republic
Hideout The “Don’t Go in There!” Award Frédéric Gerth Germany
The 24 Hour Mega Erotic XXXtravaganza The “We All Do It” Award for Best Sex Ed. Video brendan connor California
Fear To Sail The “Just Go For It” Award Darius Ichi
i hate being black The Opinion Matters Award Kevin Craig West United States
WE (The Broken Edition) The “We’ll fix it in editing” Award Jeremy Zierau New York
Rats! Best Special Effects Stewart Sparke North Yorkshire, United Kingdom


Friday 7pm
Day Off Best Brooklyn Film, Honorable Mention for Lighting Sarah Grodsky Brooklyn
The Illusion Best Made-Up Language Film Mohammad Reza Hanafi Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
Penis Crimes Most Shocking Matthew Weiss NYC
Caracol Biology 101 Award Román Reyes Madrid Spain
Decadence of Nature Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Award Olga Guse Germany
Attack of the Mutant Radioactive Snowmen Atomic Mutated Lifetime Achievement Award Molly Brown England
ABBA (Karaoke Version) Excellence in Lip Syncing Scott Mitsching Virginia
Sight of the Sound Best Comic Book Adaptation Arvin Bautista
The Time Traveling Hobo The Looper Award Sean Day
Happy Memories Audience Favorite, Best Puppet Design Jack Fields
Oatmeal Raisin The “Hug Your Loved Ones” Award Shadow Eaton CT
The Slipper-e-Interview The “Hey, It Could Happen to Any of Us” Award Danny VanZandwyk Canada
The Perfect Story Greatest First Film Award Ian Boyd Mineola, NY
The Legend of Narcissus Best use of Greek Mythology Olga Guse Germany
Chernobyl Man The Radioactive Award Pedro Terrero


Friday 9pm
Nechayanno The Keep it in the Family Award Zhora Kryzhovnikov Moscow, Russia
Tomorrow… The Hug an Old Lady Award Bartosz Kruhlik Warsaw, Polland
Gut Reaction Best Use of Pickles Alexis Sottile and Steve Burns Brooklyn/Queens
Relevance! The “Work Sucks” Award for Best Workplace Comedy, Satire or Drama Storm Garner NYC
Shark Week Follies: The Conch Who Stole Shark Week The Suess Award for adapation Marie Guglielmo Allentown, Pennsylvania
Monotony of Human Life The “Everything is Arbitrary” Award Emily Zheng california
DOCKERY & SON Best Documentary Short about People Jack Truman Burbank, CA
Tři Cíga The Peer Pressure Award Liam Hall Czech Republic
Nightmares Best Experimental Film Robert Lyons Brooklyn
Marrying the Sea The J. M. Synge Memorial Award Sarah Walsh Ireland


Saturday 5pm
Cannibal Balderdash Shortest Award Neil Saldana Redondo Beach, Ca.
The Brim Sessions Best Jersey Film Brian Hopson Hoboken, NJ
Bad Trip 3D The “Wait for It” Award Frédéric Grousset France


Saturday 7pm
Simple Mind The M. Night Shyamalan Award for Excellence in Twists Tim Cox NYC
Being The Award for Exemplary Sights and Sounds Sal Strom Portland
Clowns Are NOT Scary The Still Scared Award Mike Trippiedi Illinois
VHS Tapes Best Teen Relevence Ciara Boniface
Bigfoot and Baby The Harry Henderson Memorial Award Kaitlyn Graziano Pennsylvania
24K All You Need Is Gold Best use of Gold in a Film kane kwik Mexico City
CARROTS, CROWN & ROLLERBLADES The “Got What He Deserved” Award or Down with Monarchy Award Jean-Louis Pêcheur France
Planet Utero The Feminism Award Faiyaz Jafri Hong Kong
HOME The Brutal Award Julien Le Goff France
Possessed Forklift of Death The “Green Light It” Award for short with the Best Franchise Potential Levi Smith
CORTO Most Shocking Film Alexis de Vigan France
The Misfortunes of a Clown Excellence in Clown Rights Awareness Matt Kaplan NYC
Horror Short Film : Scare The Golden Chainsaw Prakash Natarajan Cedar Park, TX


Saturday 9pm
Midwestern Cowboy Episode IV – Riding the Ranger Best One Liners Rob Theoret Minneapolis
Ninja Eliminator 4: The French Connection Excellence in Sound Dubbing and Stunts Mathieu Berthon France
The Mind of Me The Pinhead Award for Excellence in Horror Achievement Jesse Heisel Iowa City, IA
Tofael: The Tea Stall Boy The Good Deed Award Minhazur Rahman Nayan Bangladesh
Dead End The Children of the Corn Award Paul Hurst Canada
Horror at Crooked Lake The Creepshow Award Jeremy Leo Austin, TX
Gunpowder Gray “Saints” music video NSFW Best Catchy Song with Blood & Gore Ashley Simpson Georgia
9.99 The “Everything Must Go” Award Abbey Sacks
Bring the Funny Best Appropriation of a Director’s Set David August United States
Modieval The “Nerds & Geeks Rule the World” Award Bryan Ribeiro Mount Vernon, NY
Jeff Seal’s Bankrukt Movies The On the House Award NYC
The Belief The World Peace Award Amir Vahedi Eastern Azerbaijan – Iran, Islamic Republic of