Set in a universe of magical realism, a boastful father prattles on superficially about his daughter to another parent in the school pick up line, but is unable to perceive her when it matters most.


Cats protest the Big Orange Bully.

Job Life Trailer

An averange employee burdened by depression and loneliness, caused by the job demands of his boss and the eternal routine in which his life is imprisioned. Desperate, he allows himself to dream with an iota of freedom. Trapped to break with oppression and, with it, his existential emptiness.

Cupid’s Hit

Valentine’s Day is near and Cupid is getting his own surprise this year.

Best Friends

Christine and Lyla are talking about their most recent party. While Christine discusses her new experiences, Lyla is victim to her wandering thoughts.


An existential search for the meaning of space in our contemporary fast paced lives.


Running into an ex is never easy, especially when she’s the hot ting that got away.


A film about a young woman with a wooden hand who desperately is trying to become a model. Cause’ of her own standards and fashion designers weirdness she doesn’t want to take the work. Until one day her perfect dream comes true by signing a contract she doesn’t read through carefully.

Seafood Diet

A movie about a bad joke.

Sweet Daisy

A neon noir western in which a rancher’s daughter witnesses the death of her father, and then stops at nothing to attain splendid vengeance years later

El Duelo Weird!

Leaden atmosphere, silence, harbinger of death. A poor man vomits blood lying pitifully on a river bank. Her Colt still has one final bullet to be imposed in the body of his enemy, before it’s too late. Or so it seems …


An experimental dance film that speaks of the social expectations of how women are supposed to present themselves and of how following these rules can make them vulnerable to objectification and discrimination in our male dominated society.

The German word “Schein” means “shine”, “glow” or “light”, as well as “make- believe”, “pretense” or “illusion”.

I <3 Ricardo

“I love Ricardo” is an experimental VR created from images of reflections, exposed light shots, rain, details in containers and smooth surfaces mixed with a large amount of experimental programming code both in the generative realms and in After Effects Expressions. Greetings from Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

Buzzing (uncut)

“Translation of buzzing basses and electronic sounds into a visual language made out of colors, shapes and dynamic cuts” – @backupfestival

Sr. Bunny went too thirsty

A dance improvisation become the canvas for an edition experimental film. Based in handwritten algorithms the scenes vary in duration and cue. The soundtrack is composed entirely upon concrete sounds based in algorithms as well. The entire film was created under random means.

Stirred && MIxed

A VERY short film from Costa Rica.

(schedule subject to change)