Friday, May 19 @ 7pm

@ Cloud City 85 North 1st St (b/t Berry & Wythe Sts.)
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Hall Monitors
They are brave. They are charismatic. And they are attractive as hell. These are: The Hall Monitors.

Made by some NYC high schoolers!

Mani Pedi Episode One
Mani Pedi is a team of four super tough, highly intelligent lady spies equipped with the latest in technology and fashion. When a group of misogynists attempts to steal the moon, it’s up to Mani Pedi to think fast and save the day.
A group of sleep-deprived animators, artists and musicians re-imagined an episode of the classic cartoon “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!”. Where indeed?
While working on the pride of his career (an artificially intelligent android named C-C), roboticist, Niklaus Adler, is questioned repeatedly by his overly curious creation.
A colorful day in the secret life of a budding graffiti artist.
Liquid Gold
A band of cutthroat pirates attempt to steal back treasure that they believe is rightfully theirs. Filmed at L’Etacquerel Fort, Jersey using an LG Nexus 4 mobile phone.
Strange Thinker
A lonely man gives rhythm to every day of his banal life with narcissistic rituals. There is a DeLorean in this one.


Vegetarian Zombie
A dad tries to engender enthusiasm in his kids about a real zombie apocalypse, even though they are only after vegetables.
Skinny Days – Alright Right Now
This psychotic and gross video is the collaboration between a Swedish director, the Norwegian band Skinny Days and a Polish film crew.
Not even the bands from the Norwegian black metal scene made ​​videos like this!


A Visitor
Thomas is trying to fall asleep when his inner demon, Distress, appears on the edge of the bed. Distress prevents Thomas from sleeping and gradually crushes his self-esteem.


i’ve lost my taste for yogurt
An LGBTQ+ film adaptation of a poem exploring the moment
you taste something distinct and are snapped back to a vivid memory.

Detective Priest
An ex-communicated priest turns to fighting crime to prove to the church he’s a good guy after all.

(schedule subject to change)