+++ shows postponed until later this summer +++

@ Vox Populi
319 N 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Deserted is an 8 minute play that chronicles the last few moments of a young soldiers life as he walks through the desert after going AWOL. He has hallucinations of his corporal, his high school English teacher, and finally his father who took him hunting and first taught him how to shoot a gun.
What’s Cookin’ with Zack Bwaff
A surreal, different kind of cooking show!
Zack’s mom says he is not allowed to use the knives or other dangerous cooking things… so he just uses his mind and body to make an omelette!
Kevin & Ian: Too Stoo2id, A One Man Show
You stoopid, no you stoopid, no YOU stoopid. Too Stoo2id! A loosely scripted sketch show combining unconnected characters, songs, pensive monologues about the fragility and frigidity of existence and Pies! Lots of Pies. Come for the pies.

(schedule subject to change)