High Diver

A poetic expression of the art of high diving.

Shadow Man

A sinister being stalks a group of teenagers camping in the woods.

Zombie Apocalypse

A comedy music video giving a detailed analysis of how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Not An Option

You’ll find out what it’s about when you watch it. 😉

Viral Blood

In this stop motion short film based on true events, a frat-boy encounters a “grody” Clown across a suburban street in the war torn year of 2016.

Cyborg Odyssey

A mother reveals the absurd history of gender bias to her young boys.

The 100 Blows

The 100 Blows is a mock blow job tutorial meant to examine our expectations and digital influences, as we transition into sexually active adults.


Confronted with the concept of humility @ 1AM // Shot on 16mm film using a Bolex

Tiny Clones

Twin brothers have a heart to heart about life, the universe, and the ethics of making tiny clones of yourself.

Nice 14.07.16

Based on the 2016 terror attack in Nice, France, this autobiographical-inspired animated short film explores the immediacy and shock of violence, and its conversely lingering impact. Employing a range of handmade, tactile materials and an experimental structure, this narrative is a glimpse into the disparity between a holiday and a haunting.


Kelly comes home, hoping to relax with her boyfriend. What she gets is much worse…

The Snack List

“The Snack List” is a cute short film about a few kids who run a snack business at their summer camp. They soon learn they have competition and set out to take their rivals down.


A woman questions her moral decisions after witnessing a traumatic event unfold on the streets of New York.


A master inventor fights to protect his business from a store invasion, finding out their intentions are more sinister and personal than he could imagine.


A Serbian film.

La Bestia Falsa

A short from Costa Rica.

(schedule subject to change)