Saturday, April 30th @ 9pm

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Cloud City – 85 North 1st St. Williamsburg, BK

Who’s hiding in Monet’s Haystack? 

What if the Starry Night is not Van Gogh’s imagination? And who destroys the art and peace?The war.
What a masterpiece!

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Run Darlin Run
a collaboration between video artist Naomi Moser and singer songwriter Annie Miles. It is about the vague line many female friendships walk between friends and lovers. The visual aspect of this piece was entirely DIY, completed on an extremely low budget.
Think Twice
Will Tess’ “double vision” be the end of Tony or will he save the day by proving his identity?
“Slartibartfast” Yearnst/Marinah Janello
In this music video, a pug and her human become one as they share each other’s likeness, occupy the same spaces, and allow themselves to fall in love.
(video by Marinah Janello and music by Yearnst)
Dickproof 2
The world’s worst serial killer teams up with his stalker to battle a castrated man looking for revenge. A celebration of blood, guns and cars… from CANADA!
Le Pain de l’Amour
A homicidal baguette seeks revenge, and is really on a roll with bread puns.Los Angeles, California
Neurosisnine’s Pinocchio
A washed up detective confronts a murderous puppet.
Greensboro, NC
The Panty Symphonic
An outrageous death leads to a battle over a mystical pair of women’s panties. Comic and irreverent, this nearly wordless narrative short is set to the music of Antonín Dvořák and Julius Fučík.
Shot on VHS!!!

Moon 5X7


Communication is Important when calling for support.

Airdrie, Alberta, Canada
Here Lies in the afterlife
A funeral, the celebration of a lifetime.
Granny is gone. Here we are before the great mystery of death, the physical death, inevitable passage we all live one day.
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[13.1-9+19+13] Vol.01
They have no beliefs, but they have some religions. Yes, I have some religions…”to unbelieve”. Gods save us, yes? The world we see is the true, yes? Excellent.

[13.1-9+19+13] Vol.01 Trailer from Madam M.A on Vimeo.


Wasted Night

A romantic evening takes an unexpected turn. It’s like a soap opera.

Paris, France



Three heavily-armed police are search a gay sauna. Taiwan’s gay saunas are often harassed by police searches, but these are often violations of the law. The story is based on a situation which is very real in Taiwan.

(Satire, Comedy)
Taipei, Taiwan