Hand Spank

A man is rescued and immediately regrets it.

Bowser’s Castle

Do you suffer from the never ending curse of hay fever? Proceed with caution because it may end up leading to your ultimate demise.


A short expressive Sci-Fi film exploring the idea of collective memory maintained by technology. Focusing on a young boy who learns of a long-since dead world through the help of a detached electronic tutor.

Clown Pancake Monster Massacre

Tagline: “Clowns Will Tear Your @$$ Up Over a Coney Island Breakfast Special.”

Sun and the Great Frog

A Cherokee Eclipse Story in the Cherokee Language. A great frog tries to swallow the sun.


Two middle aged dads’ friendship and manhood is at stake when a young Stud comes in and interrupts their weekly game of racquetball.


Can you hear it?

The Triad

Two students face off against each other for their master’s honour after one of them turns to the dark side…


Get Juiced… Man!

Welcome Home, Svefn Seviny!

Svefn Seviny, a world traveler and a man of high class, searches for a new place to call home in the secluded village of Guarro Valley.

Action Team Go Force: Dinner Gets Gay

A steak dinner between three friends takes a turn for the gay.

The Couch

Tara and Jake aren’t getting along very well. The problems seem to be connected to him spending too much time on the couch.


A young man must come to terms with the offspring he births after a one night stand.

Tone Death

Christopher Price is a brilliant pianist who has many fans, except during his latest concert when he loses the control of his left hand.

Your Wiping Days Are Over

Paper Towels and Toilet Paper are old frenemies who meet again after a long period of time apart. Only one can survive this intense battle. Who will it be?

Grant me Hope in 5 minutes

A good robot was sent to Earth to protect his Alien Princess but the bad Robot followed. It’s good vs. evil in this 5 minutes action packed romantic thriller.

(schedule subject to change)