Saturday, May 20 @ 7pm

@ Cloud City 85 North 1st St (b/t Berry & Wythe Sts.)
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Wolf Mother: Hunted
Our fearless pack leader finds herself turning on the hunter as she stares down the barrel of his rifle, only to meet the true mastermind behind this twisted plot.


In an alt-reality where AUSTRALIANS require a license to have children, an expectant mother is abducted and interrogated by shadowy government agents after a terrorist bombing in downtown Brisbane.
A Day To Live
Lou and Cara go to desperate measures when they find themselves in need of money.
Rocco Primavera
Documentary about a NYC nightclub entertainer.NYC
Ghost, Misunderstood
A campy tale of a new romance and how the young lovers are scared silly by something they don’t quite understand.
Come for the unique point of view. Stay for the well-earned dramatic irony.
Variations On Us
How did we meet? How did we fall in love? How did we part? Each time I revisit the memory of us, it has changed Chris Carlone & Storm Garner (workshop instructor)

This found-footage film shows a panorama of emotions and focuses on cinema as the means of expressing the cultural condition. Jamais-vu is about the heart, skin and brains, eyes and genitalia, consciousness and sub-consciousness – in short – it’s about the full journey of life, from birth to death.
It’s not a Toy
If we can’t have fun at our jobs than what’s the goddamn point?!FRANCE
The Oroboros
A man kills someone with his car, but later gets caught in same car accident.UNITED KINGDOM
Tattoni Forgives
A journey into Tattoni’s mind.ITALY
Meatloaf Zombies
Found in Detroit. If you’re lucky, you just might catch one.DETROIT, USA

(schedule subject to change)