Saturday, May 20 @ 7pm

@ Cloud City 85 North 1st St (b/t Berry & Wythe Sts.)
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Garbage Can Stories
A writer can’t get published and throws all his ideas in the garbage. But all those garbage ideas have other plans for the writer!
In an alt-reality where AUSTRALIANS require a license to have children, an expectant mother is abducted and interrogated by shadowy government agents after a terrorist bombing in downtown Brisbane.
A Day To Live
Lou and Cara go to desperate measures when they find themselves in need of money.
Rocco Primavera
Documentary about a NYC nightclub entertainer.


Ghost, Misunderstood
A campy tale of a new romance and how the young lovers are scared silly by something they don’t quite understand.
Come for the unique point of view. Stay for the well-earned dramatic irony.
Variations On Us
How did we meet? How did we fall in love? How did we part? Each time I revisit the memory of us, it has changed somehow.

by Chris Carlone & Storm Garner (workshop instructor)


This found-footage film shows a panorama of emotions and focuses on cinema as the means of expressing the cultural condition. Jamais-vu is about the heart, skin and brains, eyes and genitalia, consciousness and sub-consciousness – in short – it’s about the full journey of life, from birth to death.
It’s not a Toy
If we can’t have fun at our jobs than what’s the goddamn point?!FRANCE
The Oroboros
A man kills someone with his car, but later gets caught in same car accident.UNITED KINGDOM
Tattoni Forgives
A journey into Tattoni’s mind.ITALY
Meatloaf Zombies
Found in Detroit. If you’re lucky, you just might catch one.DETROIT, USA

(schedule subject to change)