Sunday, May 21 @ 5pm

@ Cloud City 85 North 1st St (b/t Berry & Wythe Sts.)
Brooklyn, NY 11249

A master survival expert must survive the night to save his sister from the mind controlled soldiers of a mastermind trying to dominate the world.
Baby Blue
Some kids are left alone in a hotel room and play with some supernatural stories regarding spirits and the legend of Baby Blue. They soon discover the stories are more than just urban legends.
Pull Out The Stopper
Will he get to the church on time?UNITED KINGDOM
Fair Lady
An old lady crosses New York City to wind up in a heavy metal bar
Computer Man
This sci-fi gem gives a glimpse into the distant future of 2012, where one man’s tragedy is also his redemption…as a computer.
Nympho’s Diary
Amy is a young female vixen who is unknowingly being controlled by a male acquaintance of hers.
run with the wolves
Sex in paris.FRANCE
“How to Cat Sit” with Matt Beacon
Clinically Depressed ‘How To’ expert Matt Beacon shares another video filled with advice and tips.NYC
Baseball Dad
After giving Son a couple of tries at bat, Pop shows him how it’s done and hits a ‘deadly’ line ball.CANADA
The Pizzaboy (Trailer)
Trailer to the made-for-tv film that presents the creation of three filmmakers in Pittsburgh, PA.
Cardboard Jungle
Stop motion animation and time lapse photography replicating the Manhattan skyline out of cardboard boxes.
Music is “The Kingdom of Nye” by The Woggles.
Firearm Pizza VS. Hotsauce Vampire Hamburger MotherFk@!
Tagline: “You too can Whoop a Monster’s @$$ over a Bottle of Hotsauce!” 

Detroit, USA

After being fired from his boring desk job, Buddy seeks the help of his witch roommate to put a terrible curse on his old boss 



(schedule subject to change)