Sunday, May 21 @ 7pm

@ Cloud City 85 North 1st St (b/t Berry & Wythe Sts.)
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Moonie and the Spider Queen

A sexy tribute to the classic sci-fi serials of the 1950’s, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and more.
Moonie is from an alien race if Starbabes who can live in space without any life support. She crashes two grifters. They want to bring Moonie to Earth to exploit her power for greedy capitalist gain. But Moonie needs to save her sister Starbabes from the clutches of the evil Spider Queen!

The Llama Llover
A story of a woman who loves llamas and the man that loves her. They adopt a baby llama and raise it as their own child until she falls romantically in love with the llama.
Cans of Evil
Comedy/Horror about a can of beer that is on a mission to kill everyone it comes into contact with. Who will survive the can of beer’s diabolical plot to rule the world?
Jesse Eisenberg Uses the Urinal
Oscar-nominee Jesse Eisenberg might play a captivating know-it-all on the big screen, but there is one thing the talented actor doesn’t know – how to use the urinal!
The Rhinocéros
A has-been cyclist tries by all means to return to the race, he does not hesitate even when offered a job more than doubtful.FRANCE
Action Team Go Force: Sit.Com
Written, produced, and distributed by the comedy troupe, Action Team Go Force this campy sketch is the pilot for a fictitious television program, Sit.Com is a juxtaposition on story telling while featuring memorable, original characters.
A man’s ‘perfect’ suicide goes terribly awry.
A comedy short
And the Earth Will Be Lost to the Flames
The end is nigh. But until then, there’s work to do.
Everyone watches horror movies to escape. But, what if there was no escaping a horror movie? “MENACE” is a short homage to 80’s horror movies and everything we love about genre films.
Brown Guys Do – All in the Family
A parody of the opening theme from All in the Family – Indian style.CANADA
What if the universe exploded and reformed?

(schedule subject to change)