Sunday, May 21 @ 9pm

@ Cloud City 85 North 1st St (b/t Berry & Wythe Sts.)
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Garbage Can Stories
A writer can’t get published and throws all his ideas in the garbage. But all those garbage ideas have other plans for the writer!
Death by Murderphone
Sara, an aspiring YouTuber, finds a lost phone containing a mysterious video which could be a video depicting the death of two young men or an inept shot at horror genre.FRANCE
The Jar
A dinner party turns sour when the guests begin to question the host’s decorative choices.
The Cart
When a dilapidated city is overrun by a vicious street gang, an unlikely hero rises to wage war and bring the gang to justice.
Lights Out!!!
A hung over morning in an all-male household. Johnny wakes up to a filthy mess and his roommate Freddy left all the lights on – again!SWITZERLAND
Hello Nostrand
A short first person documentary about a mans connection to Nostrand Ave.
Marketed Collecting

A satire from THE NETHERLANDS about Infomercials. 
Clash of the Choirs
The Prime Minister of a fictitious country calls for musicians to step forward and audition. Two groups look promising until a surprise participant shows up to steal the show at the last minute.
A Night at the Movies
A young woman goes movie theater but can’t enjoy the film because she is surrounded by noisy zombies.
Parody on mobile calls.SLOVENIA
How To Fall Downstairs Like a Man!
This Film will Teach Yo @$$ the Art of falling down the [email protected]* Steps! Watch and Learn, Dummy!DETROIT, USA
A Taste For It
An Old Woman has a Strange Subterranean EncounterNYC

(schedule subject to change)