Thursday, April 28th @ 9pm

Tickets available now and at the door.
Cloud City – 85 North 1st St. Williamsburg, BK

Misenus – Trumpeter of the Trojans, Episode 1
Misenus is doomed to live a modern version of his namesake, the trumpeter of the Trojans in Virgil’s Aeneid. It’s not an easy life. 
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Mistress May I?
Despite being a very successful dominatrix, Mistress Couple grapples with the fact that her parents cannot accept who she truly is.
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A bird wanders around on a causeway though it feels like to chase her.
Trumbull, Connecticut
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N Is for Nightmare
A weary traveler awakens in the dead of night to discover a horrific interloper in his bed.
Orlando, Florida
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In a world where gender roles have switched an average guy’s life is thrown off balance when he finds out he is pregnant.
Things get weird when grandma and grandpa join in for drunk charades. San Ramon, CA
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Bon Bon: The Demonic Cat
A married couple has an unusual problem; a white fluffy kitty that howls every night around midnight and leaves his toys out in strange patterns. Original song “Bonfire” performed by Grace Cooper and Nic Russo.USA
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Taking Care Of Bidness

Peck Chompton awakens disoriented in a foreign place, the encounters with some weird lawyers still etched in his mind. So many burning questions haunt him!
Springfield, Missouri
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I see the Future
There is a man who can see future events experienced by others. Most events happen around the corner and he sees it an hour ahead in most cases.Japan
The Chastening
A junkie finds refuge inside the confessional of an abandoned church. What could possibly go wrong?
Piacenza, Emilia Romagna, ITALY

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Boy Bear and Robot
A boy awakens in a cabin with an ominous warning scrawled on its wall “don’t go mountain”.
p.s. Keep your eyes peel for a robot and a bear!
Based on personal experiences and insights, this film explores one of the last great taboos: mental illness.
The Wet Nurse & Her Diabolical Concerns
An Icelandic woman seeks escapism with a surreal aquatic twist when she sets her heart upon a series of waterbound sexual playmates. 
Shot in London/UK
Time Benders

Time. It’s like a being. It has an immune system which prevents change. A young scientist puts this to the test when she falls in love with a man from the year 1788.