31-ish Horror Films of Oct: BLADE RUNNER 2049

Here’s spoilerISH review since I probably really need to see it a second time in order to remember spoilers.

Ryan Gosling has never bothered me so that’s not an issue. And forgot to mention that the best performance of the film is from the actress who played Luv.



31-ish Horror Films of Oct: THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW (1983)

This is THE 80s horror film for fans of 4 out of 5 Doctors (band).

Life is hard for 7 sorority sisters about to graduate. It gets even harder when they murder a crazy woman who may or may not have died. Either way, someone is seeking revenge on all seven of them.


31-ish Horror Films of Oct: ATOMIC BRAIN (MONSTROSITY)

A rich old lady enlists the services of Dr. Frank to place her brain into the body of a younger woman. She has three to choose from!
But before that, we get to meet a “cat lady” and a hideous “dog person”.

Shot in 1958. Released in 1963. Now available on Amazon Prime Video.


31-ish Horror Films of Oct: INSECTULA

This year… after years of promising, I’m watching as many horror films for the month of October as possible. I may not get to 31, but I will do my best.

Picked randomly off Amazon Prime, this St. Paul, MN-shot feature about an alien mosquito creature terrorizing a lake has gore, scares, comedy and even… a little romance.