2016 Bad Film Fest Award Winners

2016 (bonus screening) Bad Film Fest Award Winners

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Films screened at Lucky Jack’s on the Lower East Side – June 26, 2016.
Here are your award winners:

BORING. A DAY IN THE LIFE “The Audience Motivator / Inspire to Create” Award
YO SOY PEDRO Best Slapstick Sci-Fi
Run Through The Forest Run The “This Could Really Happen” Award
Intoxication Most Surreal PSA
Rapstar Best Rap-Themed Mockumentary set in NYC
Synchronicities Most Mind-Opening Documentary
The Werewolf’s Greatest Hit Most Chilling, Super-Short Horror/Comedy
Yuri on the Phone The Mind-Bending Award
A Dry Day Tragedy Most Relieving Happy Ending
Anatema The “Wow. Don’t Look Away” Award
Director’s Cut The Hyper-Filmmakers Award
Nathalie f**** you all The “Better than Amelie” Award
The Valley Below Nobel Peace Prize
The Assist “Easiest Practical Effects” Award
A Nighthunter’s Tale The Chiller Award

Thanks again to all of the screening Filmmakers this year. Keep shooting. Keep making. Keep being“BAD”!




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