2017 Bad Film Fest Award Winners

2017 Bad Film Fest Award Winners







Films were screened at Cloud City, Willamsburg BK
Here are your award winners:

Fri 7pm AWARDS
Hall Monitors The Saturday Detention Award
Mani Pedi Episode One The Gal Gadot Award
SCROOBJAM The Meddling Kids Award
AX·IS The Creator Award
TAG The POV Award
Liquid Gold The Cheers Award
Strange Thinker The Ergonomic Award
Vegetarian Zombies The Eat Your Broccoli Award
Skinny Days – Alright Right Now The Dance Like No One is Watching Award
A Visitor The Id Award
i’ve lost my taste for yogurt The Probiotic Award
Detective Priest The Flying Clergy Award
Fri 9pm
Autumn Bluffs The Pacey Award
The Nostalgia Inn The Deja Vu Award
Death Wish The Plot Twist Award
Another Crop Circle Prophecy Fulfilled The Zoso Award
Time Travel Bites The Paradox Award
Still Shaving After All These Beers The Harmony Award
HUMORT The Squirm Award
The Penis The Lilly Ledbetter Award
Safe The Memorize Your Combination Award
Captain Reality: Trailer The Green Lantern Award
A Real Date The Tables Have Turned Award
Sat 5pm
Count Us In The Cautionary Tale Award / Beward of Becoming a Filmmaker Honerable Mention
Midnight Confession The Nightmare Castmember Award
My Ass Is Bleeding 2 The Ouch Award
Scumbags from Outer Space The Scumbag Award
Nomophobia The Bad Service Award
The Drop The Lightning Award
SAVE The Colicky Baby Award
Popular Celestial Mechanics The Dimension Award / Best Portrayal of an all-powerful Being
Oops! The Bite Your Tongue Award
The Magic Wandas “Crab Scuttle” The Surf Rock Award
The Sun Will Rise The Electrical Storm Award
Sat 7pm
Wolf Mother: Hunted Best Debut!
Shockwaves The Home Surgery Award
A Day To Live The True Romance Award
Rocco Primavera The Limelight Award
Ghost, Misunderstood The Vanishing Award
Variations On Us The Stuck in my Head Award / Best Romance
Jamais-vu The Adjust Your TV Antenna Award
It’s not a toy The Fidget Spinner Award
Oroboros The Infinite Loop Award
Tattoni Forgives The Encore Award
Meatloaf Zombie in a Box The Firearm Pizza VS. Hotsauce Vampire Award
Sat 9pm
The Last Movie The International John Waters Award
Ninja Assassin The Kangaroo Round House Award / Best Short Film with a Plane in it!
The Lost VHS Tapes of John Trenton The Poet Laurette Award
Gora – The Man and the Legend – Documentary The Silver Screen Award
Movie About Reality and Unreality The 5th Dimension Award
Shit The Everybody Does It Award
Pandas Have Got To Go The Extinction Award
Stockholm The Let Me Out Award
“SOULFINGER vs GOLDFINGER” by Crazy Legs Conti The A-List Award / Best Sound Design
Wish You Were Here The Chantal Akerman Award
Sun 5pm
MANDRONE The Survivalist Award
Baby Blue The Bloody Mary Award
Pull Out The Stopper The Everything in Moderation Award
Fair Lady The Most Pit Award / The Distinguished Actress Award
Computer Man The Floppy Drive Award
Nympho’s Diary The Nowhere to Hide Award
run with the wolves The Voyeur Award
“How to Cat Sit” with Matt Beacon The Cat Whisperer Award
Baseball Dad The Think Fast Award
The Pizzaboy (Trailer) The What About Bob? Award
Cardboard Jungle The Time Lapse Award
Firearm Pizza VS. Hotsauce Vampire Hamburger MotherFk@! The Falling Downstairs Like a Man! Award
Cursed The Chafed Award
Sun 7pm
Moonie and the Spider Queen The Anti-Gravity Award
The Llama Llover The Camelid Award
Cans of Evil The 6-pack Award
Jesse Eisenberg Uses the Urinal The The Facebook Award
The Rhinocéros The Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Award
Action Team Go Force: Sit.Com The Non Sequitur Award
A DEATHBED MAKEOVER The Neat and Tidy Award
And the Earth Will Be Lost to the Flames The Nostradamus Award / Best use of Signs
MENACE The Chainsaw Award
Brown Guys Do – All in the Family The Norman Lear Award
Goldfishes The Milky Way Award
Sun 9pm
Garbage Can Stories The Motivated to Make More Films Award
Death by Murderphone The Dropped Calls Award
The Jar The Formaldehyde Award
The Cart The Squeaky Wheel Award
Lights Out!!! The Watch Your Back Award
Hello Nostrand The MTA Award
Marketed Collecting The As Seen on TV Award
Clash of the Choirs The Acapella Award
A Night at the Movies The Look Behind You Award
NO SIGNAL The Dropped Calls Award
How To Fall Downstairs Like a Man! The Meatloaf Zombie in a Box Award
A Taste For It The Takes All Kinds, I Guess Award


Thanks again to all of the screening Filmmakers this year. Keep shooting. Keep making. Keep being “BAD”!

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